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CTI Newsletter: Co-Active Global News – Autumn 2011

Letter from the Co-founder

Hello Dear Co-Active Community:

In February 2011, 400 coaches and leaders from more than 22 different countries gathered for the first Co-Active Summit. Together we created a shared mission for the Co-Active® Way and its important role in the evolution of human consciousness. Extending far beyond those attending, the Co-Active Summit was a transformative experience for the whole of the Co-Active community.

There is so much changing in our work, both here at CTI and in the world at large. We want to ensure that we stay connected with you because you ARE the Co-Active Way made real day by day and conversation by conversation.

Autumn 2011

Letter from the Co-founder
The Co-active Model Evolves
Co-Active Coaching, third edition book
Co-Active Network News
Coaches Rising speaker series
(Re)Experience the Co-Active Summit on DVD
About Co-Active Global News

To help us move forward together in this time of tremendous change we have created a new publication, Co-Active Global News. This quarterly newsletter will serve as an important communication tool for us all. I hope you find it inspiring and informative.

At the time of this writing, Co-Active programs are offered in 16 countries and six languages with plans for continued growth. The Co-Active Way is truly a global phenomenon with Co-Active coaches and leaders working in a wide range of structures: corporate, private, education, healthcare, and government around the world. However you use the tools of Co-Active Coaching and Leadership, you are an integral part of that global network.

Inspired by the Co-Active Summit, we’ve been working hard here at CTI to facilitate our ever-expanding mission with new thinking and program designs.

We’ve updated the Co-Active Model and its cornerstones to better reflect our intention and empower your real-world actions. The third edition of Co-Active Coaching, new in bookstores this month, explores the expanded Co-Active Model in depth. We’ve updated our Core Curriculum as well and are looking forward to sharing those exciting changes with you.

We have created bridging content that will seamlessly guide current students through the curriculum changes. Alumni can look forward to a more in-depth communication from me next week, which will outline a variety of different ways we’ve created for you to find out what’s new and move forward with us. From the new edition of Co-Active Coaching, to online information modules, to informational webinars and in-person events, we’ve designed a variety of different ways for you to plug into this feast of emerging ideas, connect or reconnect with the community, and find new inspiration.

I’m so excited to share these developments with you and I’m grateful as well! Truly, it is you—our expanding, global Co-Active community—that has been lighting the way. Thank you for your wisdom, your partnership and for your piece in spreading Co-Active Work in the world.

Lots of love,

Karen Kimsey-House
CEO and Co-founder



The Co-Active Model Evolves

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

~Author Unknown

As we witness the challenges of today’s world, we clearly recognize there has never been a more important time for us to be in strong relationship, connection and collaboration while taking courageous action to achieve our goals. We must do both together: the ‘co’ and the ‘active.’ And as we embrace the power of sustainable, transformative change through the work of the Co-Active Way, we have realized that the Co-Active Model needs to grow and evolve to meet today’s challenges.

The Co-Active Model has always encompassed a philosophy, a methodology, a skill set and a communication form that balances self-awareness, relationship intelligence and courageous action so people can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most. Simply put, we now realize these concepts apply to more than coaching, they are relevant to all aspects of life. To make room for this broader view, the name Co-Active Coaching Model is changing to simply The Co-Active Model.

It is in the four cornerstones that substantive changes are found. Karen and Henry Kimsey-House have recorded a short audio explanation of these changes to help you understand both the power and subtlety captured in the modified cornerstones. We welcome you to view the updated Co-Active Model diagram as you listen and learn.

Updating the Co-Active Model “reflects our expanded vision of seeking global transformational change,” says Karen Kimsey-House. “Our profession was born into celebration of the individual and a commitment for people to be individually unique and magnificent. The time has come to put our attention on the whole, the collective and the undeniable relationship that we have with every other speck of life in this wondrous universe. We belong to one another.”

“In the earlier version of the model, the coach was invisible,” notes Henry Kimsey-House. “We now realize the coach is not invisible, the coach is very present and they have a job to do. That job is to call forth or evoke the transformation of whomever they are interacting with in life. We’re recognizing an elemental shift in consciousness and out of that shift, the entire world changes.”

This subtle reworking of the cornerstones heralds a new era for the Co-Active Way, where we stand together and declare our shared intention to create a shift in the way people relate to each other. Whether as professional Co-Active Coaches or as individuals who bring the Co-Active Way into all aspects of our lives, we are all after the same thing—a world that works for everyone where people understand that who we are is as important as what we do and that relationship matters.



Co-Active Coaching, third edition book

When Co-Active Coaching was first released in 1998, this pioneering work set the stage for what has become a cultural and business phenomenon and helped launch the profession of coaching. Required reading in many professional development and university-based executive coaching programs, and the go-to guide used by thousands to elevate their communication, relationship and coaching skills, Co-Active Coaching became a perennial best-seller of the training and development industry.

The third edition features an array of new material:

  • The expanded vision of the newly updated Co-Active Model
  • How to use the material in leadership management and throughout organizations
  • An on-line toolkit with updated coaching tools that replaces the CD of the last edition
  • New coaching demonstrations
  • 35+ updated exercises, questionnaires, checklists and reproducible forms

“With its third updated edition, Co-Active Coaching remains the bible of coaching guides,” says Stephen R. Covey, best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“Written with a powerful, distinctive approach, no other book gives you the tools, the skills and the fundamentals needed to succeed in these delicate relationships.”

The release of the newly revised third edition marks the 20th anniversary of both the coaching profession and the first coaching courses taught by co-authors Karen and Henry Kimsey-House. Co-Active Coaching is available in print and Kindle. It can be purchased immediately from Amazon US and will be available shortly from Amazon’s international sites as well as other bookstores.



Co-Active Network News

Fall into Community

Several juicy conversations came up in the Co-Active Network Main Community discussion area this summer—full of astute observations and passionate wordsmithing. But activity is picking up all over the Network for fall. Our beloved volunteer Community Leaders are busy planning new fare. The variety in Network groups allows colleagues to gather virtually to go deep into special interest topics or meet other coaches in the ‘neighborhood.’

Did you know there are 41 Niche and 31 Geographic communities on the Co-Active Network? If you have an idea for a new community or feel called to volunteer your leadership talents to a new or existing community, please send a message to Your involvement helps create a stronger and more vibrant community which serves to support and champion the Co-Active Way, coaching, and leadership to achieve great impact in the world.

Just to underscore the global nature of CTI and the Co-Active Network, I wanted to note that we have four new Geographic communities:

Let me know if there is something on the Co-Active Network you’d like to learn more about.
Marcia Norris, Co-Active Network Liaison


Upcoming Main Community Events:


Wednesday September 21, 2011 - 11:30 am PDT / 2:30 pm EDT / 18:30 GMT
While coaching, we all need to be mindful of any perspective we come from. How we see our clients and view the world can color how we coach and live. In this tele class, Marla Skibbins of My Full Practice will help us explore ways we can use mindfulness to unearth our perspectives and ultimately choose to move purposefully from one perspective to another. Free.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT / 17:00 GMT
This webinar, led by business coach Deborah Gallant of Bold Business Works will help you focus on Key Performance Indicators in your coaching practice. There is more to it than looking at your monthly income. Deborah will walk you through some real-life examples so you can start to systematically measure how well your business is doing! As coaches we often ask clients to monitor specific actions to gauge progress. Then why don’t we measure our own businesses? Free.


Wednesday November 16, 2011 - 9:00 am PST / noon EST / 17:00 GMT
…through the lens of the updated Balance Formula and other tools. Join Sally-Jo O’Brien and Alison Guinasso for this tele class to explore coaching tools that empower us to create new possibilities from the obvious and not-so-obvious losses in our lives. With a fresh approach in your Co-Active toolkit, it’s possible to see any loss as rocket fuel for creating what’s next. Free.

If you have questions on a Co-Active Network technical issue or comments on other Network topics, please email



CTI in the News

CTI CEO Karen Kimsey-House was interviewed by Redbook magazine for an article called “5-Minute Marriage Makeovers” in its September issue. In the link, go to page 18 of the slideshow to read Karen’s advice on keeping things interesting.

Choice magazine featured an article in its June issue (Volume 9, Number 2) about CTI’s Global Co-Active Summit. Click image at left to download.



Coaches Rising Speaker Series

Coaches Rising has created a powerful speaker series to help you learn what it takes to realize and facilitate lasting change. Their online speaker series entitled The Dynamics of Change is a great way to broaden your perspective through exposure to the views and philosophies of leaders who are doing important work in the world.

CTI’s very own Henry Kimsey-House was interviewed by Joel and Laurens from Coaches Rising earlier this year as part of The Dynamics of Change series. Henry shares his experiences and insights into the change process from working with thousands of people across the globe. Listen to Henry’s inspiring and powerful interview to learn:

  • Why CTI is shifting from a whole-life to a whole-being approach in order to facilitate change more effectively
  • How to hold the bigger agenda of being a transformative change facilitator
  • How to listen and look for transformational leaps in your coaching conversations
  • The deep relation between change and self-acceptance
  • The one piece of practical advice he would most like to impart to you

Henry’s interview is available for free download and streaming alongside other pioneers in the field of human development and transformation from around the world like James Flaherty, Marita Fridjhon, Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Doug Silsbee and Robert Kegan. Sign up now to enjoy the entire series of interviews for free.



(Re)Experience the Co-Active Summit on DVD

We have created a DVD which allows you to (re)experience the opening and closing ceremonies with Karen and Henry Kimsey-House and the keynote speeches of Kevin Cashman and Lynne Twist.

This DVD gives everyone a common touchpoint as we stand shoulder to shoulder in our commitment to create a new dream for our world. Available in both SD DVD (North America) and SD PAL (Europe) formats. Click here to buy.

Because we feel the message of the Summit is so important and relevant to everyone in the Co-Active community, we are offering the DVD at a low price ($12.00 USD plus shipping) that simply covers our production costs.



About Co-Active Global News

Co-Active Global News is a quarterly publication of CTI with delivery in mid-month of March, June, September, and December. If you have comments or questions about content, please send them to Marcia Norris, Director of Marketing Communications at

We invite story ideas or submissions and are particularly interested in first-person reports on local Co-Active community activities or ways alumni are applying the Co-Active Way in the world. Submissions are due to no later than the first of the month of publication but are welcome any time. Word limit is 400 words and submissions are published at CTI’s discretion depending on space.

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